HND Graphics Students – Newcastle Under-Lyme College


22nd May – 26th May 2019 (CS1+2)

Opening Times: Wed-Sun 10:30-16:00







Artist’s statements


ANDY BLAKELEY (photography):

Our city, Stoke on Trent, has witnessed, hosted and celebrated the ever-changing face of music and its surrounding culture. With our iconic venues past and present, our musicians and DJs uniting people together. However, with modern music press seemingly passing us by, with the use of these photographs, this presentation aims to support and promote our local talent. Leading the way are the award winning alternative rock band “Honey.” Both vibrant and charismatic, their music and live performances are not to be missed. To celebrate their new release “You and I” these photographs aim to bring their personalities to life with this cut-out performance. Influence and inspiration is taken from memories of album releases at major high street record stores and more recently the work of Kensuke Koike’s “Happy Ending.”



Music has the power to communicate from the artist to the viewer. The same can be said for moving imagery through a visual narrative. This set of posters poolsides a visualization of what music and film have the power to do. The exhibit incorporates a range of favourite past times. It is a combination of song lyrics interpreted as film posters, with the imagery reflecting the theme of every song.


HOLLY ROWLEY (graphics):

A gin for all occasions. Heathlands gin is a tasty accompaniment for all occasions. Each flavour has its own poster to reflect the fruity taste that is captured within the classy bottle. The project focuses on the decision process that people undertake when picking a gin. A consumer’s choice can be based on the design or the colour of the gin itself. Heathlands captures a light yet classy effect though the use of the logo and accompanying glasses.


JESSICA POOLE (graphics):

This exhibit focuses on a morbid curiosity with the dark & disturbing, in particular on the subject of serial killers. What makes an ordinary person turn into into character like them? People examine themselves in the mirror and see what reflects back. This provides you, the onlooker, with an opportunity to look back at yourself and decide who is staring back.


LAURA COLCLOUGH (photography):

Presented here is a series of images created to reflect the female gaze – a theory that opposes the famous film theorist, Laura Mulvey’s views on male dominance and the weakness of women. These images portray power & beauty within women, aimed at challenging the current sexual stereotypes held within the media & fashion industry. Homage has been paid to photographers such as Chloe Sheppard & Reuel K Lara and their communication of female dominance and empowerment.


MIA TINSLEY (graphics):

‘The Bigger Picture’ is a campaign that illustrates the sheer volume of stereotypes perpetuated in society. people don’t realise how many there are and how damaging it can be. A word, a single phrase has the power to bring a person down. Seeing something unfold into something bigger highlights the growing issue of stereotypes and the impact they have. Within the poster here there is information on stereotypes and a guide on how to avoid using them. The labels are designed to be worn as a protest.


MIA PALMER (photography):

These images focus on the over-consumption of fast food and how this is a ever growing problem among western cultures. The photographs take a different approach by combining fashion influenced camera angles and editing with a food base content to create a series of images that take a stark views on over-consumption within the younger generation.


THOMAS ALLBUTT (photography):

This series of images focuses on product photography. The images reflect a love of the technical aspects of capturing still life images. The challenge within these images is to take a product and present it in the most engaging and enticing way possible. There is much pleasure in editing the fine work and making every detail as refined as possible. These images represent both a focus on how products can be presented but also the journey of loving care taken, and the pleasure of a photographer’s insight into both their own skill and the personality of the product.