Market 48


Welcome to the dedicated page for the wonderful Market48. We are here to provide you with the latest updates and photos of a market deisgned to bring different aritst from all crafts together, to have fun, create workshops and get there work out there to all of youlovely people. We hope you enjoy your visits to the Market48 events and be sure to spread the word on social media using #market48 and with your friends.



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Hello to all of you lovely people, we have some big news…
Our next market (CHRISTMAS48) will be held on 24th November, 11am-4pm and submissions are now open.

We will be accepting applications forms from now until the 1st Nov (6pm) and we will contact everybody who has submitted, at around that time, to inform them if they have been accepted or otherwise.

Click the link below to download an application form and good luck to you all.
💙Don’t forget our festive hashtag #christmas48 💙

market 48 booking form – CHRISTMAS48