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After an almost 2 year break, come and join us celebrating the return of Market48 with a huge weekend event celebrating lots of amazing artists and makers from all over, joining together to sell their work support each other.


3C21 Closing Event

Thanks to everyone involved, our grand opening of the new gallery with the 3C21 has been a great success! To celebrate this, we’re having a casual closing evening where people can come and see the show one last time and gives us the opportunity to announce the winners of this year’s show too. Show pop along on Friday 3rd September to look at some art, to network and bit of cake.



Welcome to this year’s 3C21

Info poster


As you’ve heard, we’re now managing a gallery space at The Waiting Room (FOL), well what’s better for an opening than the 3 Counties Photography Open? We are open to all photography, from film to digital manipulations; from those who are creative along with those who are just finding their feet with taking photos, take a chance and enter our exhibition, it’s free to enter so what is there to lose?




The great man that is Keith Brymer Jones has taken the title as our wonderful Patron. Keith never fails to show his support to the organisation in any way he can, no matter the idea or project and is always a pleasure to collaborate with. This is just part of the reason as to why we think he’s the perfect fit to advocate our endeavours and promoting the wider benefits of getting creative that we believe in. Here’s a little piece from Keith after taking up the title of Centre Space Arts’ Patron.


We have some great news that we can now share with the world!


We’ve been in cahoots with the waiting Room and it’s official… The Centre Space team are now new gallery directors at the lovely The Waiting Room Gallery. We can’t wait to work with the awesome duo that are Frank and Allison at the Waiting Room.

We’ve got loads of incredible shows in the works so be sure to be on the lookout for #centrespacepresentsatthewaitingroom


Centre Space & Richard Snell Presents…

Go Fund Me Page – Here

White Monkey is a series of short stories written by Richard Snell. Richard has suffered with mental health issues throughout his life. When Covid-19 forced us all into lockdown earlier this year, Richard like many became distressed and realised a good way to cope with his distress was to put together his poems and stories in which he tackles his personal demons and how he has fought to come to terms with them.

He would like to have his stories told in visual form and by using video and animation, we would like to take his story and create a series of videos that help people understand what living with mental health is really like.

With your help we can make this happen. Your support will go a long way in helping us to create this series of short films, which will focus on showing how it can feel living with this illness throughout life. We hope to show them to people who aren’t suffering and those who are in hopes that everyone will walk away from this series with a better understanding of how depression can affect a person, for better and worse.

Centre Space presents in association with the F.C.A…

As this year has been unusual to say the least, we wanted to do something fun and creative with the community (in a safe environment of course) as the years comes to an end. We currently have a card competition for Foster parents and their children, something to give them an opportunity to create and to just have fun in this disorientating time. The amazing artwork we receive will be published through November on wards so be sure to look out for their incredible work.


Spode Without: An Exhibition of Dave Newey’s Life Work

To all of those that came to the exhibition Spode Without by Dave Newey, we can’t thank you enough for the huge support and Dave would be over the moon at the attendance and the feedback of his incredible artwork. We would like to give a special thanks to Dan Southward for helping us to put this exhibition together and working to provide us a fitting space for Dave on Spode, giving him the great send off he would have wanted.

Thanks everyone

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