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Centre Space Arts is a creative arts organisation based in Staffordshire and is made up of a group of individuals with a creative background in arts and education. They offer a varied selection of workshops and activities that is fun for all communities to enjoy. Throughout the years, they have also hosted a large selection of art exhibitions around Stoke-On-Trent, working with artist from all over the world, helping them to progress in their career and move forward by supporting them in any way they can.
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What is Centre Space Arts CIC


Providing specialist artistic workshops for vulnerable adults in the community to work alongside professional artists in a range of art forms from photography, digital filmmaking to other visual arts medium and develop new skills to improve participants’ self- esteem, state of mind and a sense of well-being.

Creating inspiring regional and national artistic projects to heighten the awareness of different issues including mental health, giving a platform and a collective voice for different communities.

Organising opportunities for public art exhibitions of their work, either alongside professional artists, solo or group exhibitions or on online digital gallery platforms to improve participants’ confidence and civic pride and acceptance.