Gareth Copley-Jones: Kilns

21st Nov – 2nd Dec 2018



At the height of the Potteries industry, the Stoke on Trent skyline was once dominated by 2000 bottle kilns. Now less than 50 remain.


When I started this photography project in October 2017, I wanted show that the remaining kilns are still very much part of the Potteries landscape. To document them all in their current surroundings and the way in which they interact with Stoke on Trent’s modern landscape.

The project is a historic document of Stoke’s iconic bottle kilns in 2018.

Each remaining kiln is a ‘listed building’. Some of the kilns have been beautifully restored, redeveloped and given a new lease of life as museums, visitor attractions and business centres. Sadly there’s a handful of them that stand derelict and unloved. I fear for their future.