Frederick Phillips

12th Sep – 7th Oct 2018


FLYER; SPODE EXHIBITION; correct one; May 2018 copy-1.jpg



‘Reflections of Spode’

Over the past 45 years the creative career of local artist Frederick Phillips has taken him to many places in the world. But in 2007 after almost 18 years of living in Chicago, USA and working in a studio there, he chose to return to his hometown of Stoke where he set up a new studio. And when the ACAVA Artists’ Studios became available in April 2016 on the Spode Works site, he moved his studio to Spode and became the first artist to occupy one of the new studio spaces.

Whilst Fred was studying art at Burslem School of Art in the early 1970’s he was influenced by surrealism but his images were inspired by scenes from the local environment. Many years have passed since then and the surrealism has developed into atmospheric paintings that combine realism with memories of time and place. But the artist continues to be inspired by the places he lives or where he has visited, so his return to his birthplace has resulted in many new works inspired by Stoke – and latterly, by what he has seen around him on the Spode Works site.

The Exhibition ‘Reflections of Spode’ includes original oil paintings and original Prismacolor Pencil drawings as well as archival Limited Edition Prints of new works and local favourites. Images of Spode, local architecture and favourite destinations during Potters Fortnight such as North Wales, are included. Each artwork displays the artist’s mastery of detail and colour, developed over many decades of refining his creative techniques.

From Stoke to Chicago and from California to Europe, the art of Frederick Phillips is included in many private and corporate art collections throughout the world.

The Opening Night