Emma Price and Andrew Cliff: Gaslight & Wasters

7th – 21st December 2018


Gaslight and Wasters (200)2

Gaslight and Wasters (200).jpg



Gaslight & Wasters is a collaboration between Emma Price and Andrew Cliff, two artists based at the ACAVA studios in the old Spode Works factory.
Inspired by both the history and the exciting changes in the re-purposing of the site, the exhibition combines pieces produced during their first two years at Spode.

Gaslight refers to the histories of the site. The artwork is an interpretation of these histories; the traces left, the stories and atmospheres these spaces retain. Use has been made of the footprint textures, colours and sensations, and inspiration was found in exploring and engaging with the architecture and remains of the old factory.

Wasters is an industry term, referring to discarded pieces of unwanted pottery. An allusion to the closure of the working factory, the site’s history moves forward, preserved through an imaginative reclamation of its past.