David Morrall: Kawaii Women

15th Aug – 9th Sep 2018



Media – Oil paintings and framed ink drawings

David Morrall is an artist living and working in Newcastle under Lyme Staffordshire and has a degree in illustration from Brighton University.
He has recently been painting in oils on fairly large canvases in full colour, while also still working on a smaller scale, with pen and paper (there are all black and white).






David Morrall

My chief subject matter is figurative, mainly the female nude. I enjoy the paintings of Modigliani, Egon Schiele and Davis; I hope that my work in some ways reflects this interest. Poster design is also relative to me, meaning my paintings tend to be quite graphic, largely flat colour with all extraneous detail been kept to a minimum, this also alludes to my interest in Zen Buddhism and Japanese art in general, where the ideas of Minimalism are paramount, what you leave out of a picture (or idea) can be more important than what you put in. I also enjoy the ‘ Japanese idea of Kawaii or “cuteness” in art and design, so I like my images to seen sweet and approachable.



In this picture we see a Modette enjoying a nice flask of tea at the top of the sea cliffs in Brighton surrounded by sheep. This picture is very meaningful and quite nostalgic for me, as it contains many elements that have had a strong impact on my life.

When I was a teenager back in the early eighties the mod revival courtesy of the film quadrophenia was in full force and like many of my friends at the time I became a mod and spent my evenings after school running around and getting up to no good.
Later in my early twenties I went to Brighton polytechnic to study illustration on my degree course and Brighton being the spiritual home of the mods brought with it on most bank holidays a collection of scooters parked up and down the sea front, something that I was always keen to witness, because even though I was now no longer a mod (my hair was now long and I thought of myself as a hippie) I still very much loved Vespa’s and especially Lambretta motor scooters. I have always thought of Lambrettas as being one of the most beautiful forms of transportation I have ever seen.
So I spent in total three years in Brighton on my course and spent many hours on Brighton beach and walking around at the foot and at the top of the white chalk cliffs there.
Later on in my thirties I owned a Lambretta for a few years and drew many pictures of it, studying it at length, so now I find it easy to draw them from any angle, possibly even with my eyes closed .
So now you can see that the picture of the tea drinking Modette brings together many different aspects of my life spread over many years.



thumbnail_Pppic%201.jpgThis is the finished picture of the girl enjoying an outdoor snack of olives, bread and wine.  I’ve tried to get a good sense of distance between the foreground and the background trees in this picture and I think I have managed it, will the use of varying tones and line thicknesses.  All in all the art work took me about a month and a half to paint and actually went a lot quicker than I’d originally thought it would.