Cyril Tilstone: The Age of Clay


17th April – 12th May 2019

Opening Times: Wed-Sun 10:30-16:00



3rd Millennium Spode Heritage Complex at Stoke City_A2     ct (1 of 9) low

I was born in Newcastle Under-Lyme in 1949; I studied at the Newcastle School of Art at Sidmouth Avenue and Newcastle College for three years in 1969. I found myself interested in the pure colours of oil paint and the language of geometry, atomics and free form shapes, in fact all of the modern art styles that had been going since the late Nineteenth Century and are still often used today. I also love the free thinking of surrealist art in paint, sculpture, film, writing and poetry which is also an ongoing Ism still these days.

     My latest exhibition is a tribute to the Pottery Heritage of Stoke-On-Trent showing just a few of the many original factory buildings that remain with us today. Some are in a refurbished state these days and some are in a very different state but regardless we need to record these premises before they are here no longer. I have also attempted to breathe a little life into these pictures to give an idea of of what they may have been like though out their working lives and also show the actual ware that each individual potbank has produced in days long gone.